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Welcome to the Home of the Free Water Purifier Program

All the safe, pure refreshing water you and your family can drink. We loan you the filter for FREE.

satisfaction of free water program

This is what you get:

free water filters loan image FREE loan of a world class water purifier (retail value $388)

free water filter installation jpg FREE installation of the world's finest water purifier

free water filter cartridge replacement FREE replacements of the 4 stage cartridge (retail value $129)

free water filter articles FREE articles on the latest news about health and nutrition

Go HERE for details on how the WATER PRODUCTS service program can offer all this.

free water filter image

So, what's the catch??

Water Products is a subsidiary of BelKraft in business since 1965 specializing in water and air filtration.

Over the years we have found that many people are not in a position to afford a quality water filter.

For this reason, we founded Water Products Inc. home of the ‘Free Water Filter'.

The company will loan you a world-class water filter for as long as you want clean water.

All we ask in return is that you allow us to properly service and maintain your water filter.

For more details on this, click HERE.

Why is water so important to our health? free water filters go button

How bad is our tap water? free water filters, bad water image

What are my options? free water filters options pic

How can I get the worlds best purifier for FREE? free water filters go button

Research papers and articles on water. free water filter research and atricles jpg

Schedule your installation.free water filters installation pic

Other products available free water filters installation pic


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1554 Carling Ave. Suite 50

Ottawa Ontario K1Z-7M4


(613) 523-7800 (local calls in Ottawa)

1-877-523-7800 ( toll free - outside Ottawa)

mail for free water purifiers

mail to:info@waterproducts.ca


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